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As a restaurant owner or general manager, you want your customers to enjoy their dining experience at your establishment. But, in a busy restaurant it is sometimes difficult for your servers to give customers the personalized attention you would like to provide. With Balloon Imaginations, we can help your restaurant elevate customer service to new heights, as we provide custom quality balloon art entertainment to your customers. Our professional balloon artists have been serving Calgary restaurants since 2010, and we currently entertain over 6 restaurant locations, on a weekly basis.

Balloon Imaginations enhances your restaurant’s level of customer service by:

    • Creating a fun and entertaining atmosphere for customers, while they wait for their food.
    • Establishing higher returning customer rates and sales.
    • Enhancing the value of your customers’ dining experience.
    • Providing your establishment with a competitive edge, by distinguishing your restaurant from your competitors with a Balloon Imaginations Restaurant Entertainment Plan.

The Balloon Imaginations Restaurant service is second to none, because our balloon artists understand the unique needs of your restaurant’s young customers, as they patiently wait for their food. Although colouring sheets keep children preoccupied for a while, growling tummies can often lead to unhappy customers.

When your restaurant hires a Balloon Imaginations artist, you can be confident that your customers will receive quality entertainment. Our professionally-dressed artists warmly greet and interact with customers, as they are seated at their tables. Although children are typically most interested in attracting the attention of our artists, we ensure all customers are entertained.

Restaurant owners and general managers have discovered how valuable Balloon Imaginations has been, to enhance the dining experience for their customers. For children, balloon twisting provides an interactive and exciting distraction, while they await the arrival of their food. For their parents, it helps to keep their children happy and occupied, making for an enjoyable evening out for the entire family.

The feedback from our clients has been excellent! Just take a look at the testimonials we’ve received on the next tab.

When Mark first talked to me about balloon twisting entertainment at my restaurant, I admit, I was a little skeptical as to how it would impact my customers. But I agreed to try him out and we’ve had so many positive responses from our clients that I now can say confidently, he definitely helps enhance the customers experience and make it more enjoyable. He conducts himself professionally, is courteous with the customers, and his skill with the balloons keeps the kids and adults entertained. We’ve found that the balloon entertainment gives us some breathing room when the kitchen is backed up distracting the customer and giving us precious minutes to attend to the customers needs. We’ve had customers come in asking “Is the balloon guy here?” as well as many reviews from customers on our website voicing their appreciation for the balloon entertainment and how it made their children’s evening more special. We’re happy to have Mark,“ the balloon guy” , on the team!

-James General Manager, Montana’s Restaurant Signal Hill

My family and I were extremely thrilled to have a balloon arts (balloon animals) guy, named Mark, come to our table and make a dinosaur and dragon for my two sons. They were thrilled by the quality of this guy”s balloons and so were we (parents). We love Montana”s and come often and this was an added bonus to a young family. We contacted the guy to come to our home for our son”s upcoming birthday party. Great extra service! the food is great too!
“During our visit we had terrific food and best of all a man making balloon animals came to our table. My daughter said it was her “best day ever”, it was the perfect ending to a great day with my family.

-review from Montana’s customer

We really enjoyed the extra effort that was put into the kids eat free night (we didn’t even know this was occurring until we received our bill). Our children really enjoyed their balloon creations made table side for them.

review from Montana’s customer

Tonight we were thinking to try a different restaurant for our families night out, but our kids had other plans. “ We want to go back to Montana’s so we can get balloons” they said. So here we are. Its the highlight of their evening!

– review from Montana’s customer

We used to go to a different Denny’s location, but now we come here because the last location didn’t have the balloon entertainment, and our kids just love it!

– review from Denny’s customer

Still not convinced that Balloon Imaginations can elevate your restaurant’s customer service? We are so confident that you will see immediate results with our balloon entertainment service that we are offering a FREE entertainment package to test at your restaurant’s location. You’ll get the chance to see us in action with your customers.

To book your restaurant’s FREE entertainment package, and to find out about Balloon Imaginations’ regular rates and packages, contact us at: 1-587-580-7540.

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