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 Q : How many children can you make balloons for in one hour at a birthday party?

A : Up to 15-20 children with our Standard Balloon Package and up to 12 children with our Deluxe Balloon Package.

 Q : Can you make special balloon requests or balloons to go with a party theme?

A : Sure! If you have a specific request or theme, be sure to give us notice (1 week) and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

 Q : I’d like some pre-made balloons created and delivered to an event I’m having. Do you accommodate this?

A : Certainly! Just let us know what type of pre-made balloons you’d like, and how many, and we can create and deliver these for your event. Prices would vary depending on the creations. Call us today to get a quote/estimate.

 Q : Can you provide some helium balloons for my party?

A : Absolutely. Let us know the type and amount you’d like, as well as how you’d like them arranged.

 Q : Do your party packages include any helium balloons?

A : Our party packages do not include helium balloons. However, we do have the ability to provide helium balloons upon request for an additional fee. The additional fee would vary on the type and amount of helium balloons you require.

 Q : Do you make larger/life-size creations?

A : Yes, we can! We usually deliver these creations pre-made, rather than making them at the event (due to the amount of time it takes to create). Here’s an example of a life-size Harley Davidson that we created for a recent party.
Harley Davidson Bike Balloon

We got great reviews from the host of the party about how much fun her guests had sitting on the Harley to get their photo taken.

Let us know what you have in mind for your event and we’re sure we can come up with something that will startle and amaze you and your guests.

 Q: Are you able to make “glow in the dark” balloons?

A : Yes! With the accompaniment of a black-light, our neon colored balloons do “glow in the dark,” adding another unique and fascinating twist to the evening’s balloon entertainment. If you’re interested in having “glow in the dark” balloons at your event or party, please specify this when you contact us and we’d be happy to accommodate your request.

 Q : I’m organizing a stampede breakfast. What would it cost to hire balloon artists to entertain at this event?

A : We’d love to liven up your stampede breakfast with some awesome balloon creations. The cost would depend on the amount of artists your event would require, as well as the length of the event. Call us today to get a free quote.

 Q: I would like a large arch of helium balloons for my son’s birthday. Is this something you can create?

A : Yes! Our balloon artists can create balloon arches, pillars, centerpieces, bouquets, and just about any other balloon sculpture you can imagine.

 Q: Do you provide balloon entertainment for older audiences?

A : Our balloon artists are happy to entertain people of all ages, from tots to seniors and everyone in between. Our artists can make almost anything and their creativity and talent is sure to entertain an adult only audience.